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About Us

Learn about Jari Byrski and the SK8ON world.

Welcome to the SK8ON Hockey World. It has already been years of running SK8ON Hockey Programs – each year bringing new challenges, surprises and enjoyments, which keep us smiling and willing to teach more.

Teaching methods and content of our programs has been our strength and longevity in the hockey market. Challenging programs and personality of the head instructors behind it, established SK8ON as “hockey well known for its dedication to focus on technical details; of acquiring hockey skills as well as supporting the growth of confidence in each player.” This remains so intrinsic in development of hockey skills.

We have realized at SK8ON at the beginning of our road, that focus of quality of our programs as well as attention to different personalities, different needs of each student allows a dynamic growth continuously evolving the content and our approach in implementing quality and challenging programs in the ever changing hockey environment.

When we started in 1993 to teach on ice with hockey students, some of who are presently playing in the NHL, AHL, OHL, NCAA (Click here to See our Hall Of Fame) it has been a privilege to see them coming back year after year for more instruction while recognizing the benefit to their skill development, consequently contributing to the best recommendations to our hockey school.

Recognition and recommendation comes from students and their parents satisfaction of well invested time and resources in their child’s hockey development. Quality and personalization of our teaching methods demand time and attention; recognizing that, we have never ventured into coaching minor hockey teams, running summer leagues or ball hockey teams. We have become a full time hockey school dedicating our commitment and enthusiasm to offer quality individual hockey skills and development, acknowledging the importance of building relationships with our student. Here at SK8ON after 21 years we are still very proud of running two different groups at the same time and not using name-tags on the players’ helmets, proud of finding ways to remember our students’ names by their strengths of their personalities, abilities or weaknesses.

Over the years I have been grateful for the opportunity to teach hockey skills and develop relationships with our students and their families. It is a privilege to witness their long journey of the love of hockey, determination to reach their goals, pursuing their dreams. To see some receiving a scholarship or being drafted to higher level leagues or simply enjoying different walks of life, fills me with happiness and makes so much more sense of what I set out to do. The key to it all, is give the children encouragement, respect and most of all belief in the utmost beauty of who they are, and they will overcome the most challenging hockey tasks with more enthusiasm, fun and confidence in themselves. I would like to say thank you to all of my students and their families, for what you became……my Ultimate Teacher.